Useful Links

Travel warnings & advice

For the latest travel advice/warnings select the following web address. This will provide you with the latest information relating to a specific destination from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs. – Click Here

Making a reverse charge call

To make a reverse charge (collect) call to Australia from an overseas destination you must first speak with an Australian operator who will then facilitate the call. The operator number varies from country to country. Select the following web address to gain access to the specific number required – Click Here

Worldwide embassy addresses

Select the following web address to find the details of embassies worldwide or your embassy of choice. – Click Here

Time zones worldwide

To find the local time at your destination or to calculate the time difference between Australia and an overseas destination, select the following web address – Click Here

Worldwide weather

To obtain the latest weather report for your destination select the following web address: – Click Here

Currency Converter

Providing you with access current or live quoting of some of the most traded currencies to help calculate conversion rates.

Click Here