Our Services

World Travel Protection provides emergency medical, travel and security assistance services to travellers, expatriate employees and credit card customers via corporate and leisure travel insurance policies and directly to corporations.

We also help organisations to manage the health and safety risks of their employees through a range of onsite medical services, telemedicine and preventative information services. More information on each of these services is detailed below.

Worldwide Medical Assistance

World Travel Protection provides medical assistance services to travellers, expatriate employees and credit card customers via corporate and leisure travel insurance policies and directly to corporations.

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Worldwide Travel Assistance

World Travel Protection has a dedicated in-house travel agency. This ensures immediate access to any available seats, lower travel costs and faster re-ticketing.

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Worldwide Security Assistance

In the event of a security incident such as a riot, political uprising, terrorist attack or natural disaster, putting travellers or expatriates at risk World Travel Protection provides 24-hour emergency assistance.

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Traveller Tracking Service

Keep track of your employees around the world, based on their itineraries. Keep them informed of dangerous events as they unfold and ensure their safety if they are caught up in an unexpected event such as a terrorist act, transport accident or natural disaster.

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Trauma Counselling

At World Travel Protection we’re dedicated to helping our customers, any way we can. In the event that our customers are exposed to a traumatic incident while travelling we are there to provide the counselling and care they need.

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Travel GP

We want to keep your customers travelling to many of their favourite holiday destinations. If your customers are faced with a non-urgent medical issue we want to help them get back on their feet sooner, and back to their trip.

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Medical Cost Containment

Our worldwide cost containment network means that our clients benefit from negotiated discounts and inter-company pricing and the savings are passed on to our customers.

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Concierge & Lifestyle Services

World Travel Protection provides a range of Concierge & Lifestyle services including motor and home assistance.

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Inbound Assistance Services

World Travel Protection provides emergency medical and travel assistance to travellers into our region.

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Provider Network

We are always looking to expand our global footprint and invite professional, reputable organizations to join our global network of providers.

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Medical Travel Companion

As part of our uncompromising commitment to customer service, we can now also arrange a medical travel companion to assist you, your employees or family members with their travel needs.

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Why World Travel Protection?

Our medical heartbeat influences every decision we make and we always act with our customers health and wellbeing forefront in our minds.

Every decision we take is medical and we are uncompromising on doing the right thing by our customers.

We believe there is a fundamental difference between the world of insurance and assistance; ours is a medically informed people business and our priority is the customers to which we owe a duty of care.

Despite being part of a big group we pride ourselves on delivering a personal service that is based on understanding, care and compassion.

We go above and beyond to ensure the safety, comfort and most importantly, wellbeing of our travellers.